Meet Leonard Gardner

Commercial Manager | Foster Construction Ltd

Human Resources

"Working with Everest helps Fosters create the great community we are trying to build."

- Leonard Gardner, Commercial Manager at Foster Construction Ltd

Here at Everest, we are all about people. Your people.

From the day a new employee joins your business to their last-day morning tea, we are your on-call team of people and culture specialists. You’ll have ready access to practical advice and realistic best-practice tools that you can use today and every day.

Good people leadership ensures you have more engaged and motivated staff, improved productivity and greater profit.

How can we help you create an exceptional workplace?

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Employment Documentation
  • HR procedures, processes, templates and documents

  • Employment agreements, policies and procedures

  • Bespoke HR documents database

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Employment Relations Support
  • Mediations and dispute resolutions

  • Disciplinary and poor performance

  • Termination and redundancies

  • Performance management

  • Independent investigations

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Future Proofing
  • Workforce, succession and retention planning

  • Restructures and reviews

  • Outplacement programmes

  • Strategic advice and planning

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Culture and Engagement
  • Organisational culture and employee engagement strategies

  • Engagement strategies

  • Practical know-how to improve your workplace

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People Strategy
  • People strategy development and planning know-how

  • Organisational design

  • Values, vision and purpose development

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Ability Testing, Personality Assessments, and Surveys
  • Customised staff surveys

  • Pulse checks

  • Psychometric testing and assessments

  • Ability testing

  • OPRA Personality & Ability Assessments (800+ assessments)

  • MSCEIT (Emotional Intelligence Assessments)

  • SkillCheck™ (MS Office, ability, numerical and more)

  • Extended DISC Assessments (Individuals & Groups)

  • Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)

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Reward, Remuneration, Incentives
  • Remuneration strategy

  • Rewards and recognition

  • Benefits and incentive design

  • Wage and salary benchmarking

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