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Directors | Mortech Industries


"What works, what doesn’t, what needs to change; Everest understand our long term vision."

- Kate and Adrian Featherstone at Mortech Industries

What does change mean for you? In many organisations, major change means the roll-out of significant shifts in strategies, processes, practices and systems.

Organisational change is no longer a one-off event. As the pace of change increases, those within organisations may have to deal with multiple changes at the same time.

What’s more, organisational change often requires personal change – a shift, sometimes major, in people’s behaviours, aspirations and perhaps even their underlying values.

At Everest, we recognise that the requirement for change often exceeds your team’s capacity to deliver it. As accredited PCI® (People-Centred Implementation) practitioners, we can help you manage change in ways that engage your team and deliver truly effective results.

What is People-Centred Implementation®?

People-Centred Implementation® is a proven change methodology that empowers you to achieve exceptional results by successfully implementing organisational change.

Isolating six ‘Critical Success Factors’ that are essential for delivering successful change, it provides a structured process that engages people at all levels in your organisation.

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How can PCI® help you?

Cut costs. Build skills and manage even large, complex changes without breaking the budget.

Enable rapid change. Increase the probability of delivering your change on time.

Promote excellence. Build quality into your change management process through:

  • Proven methodology based on 20 years of research;

  • Consistent application across your team and organisation.

Easy implementation. Integrates with existing project and programme management approaches.

An ongoing advantage. The tools and training provided by PCI® deliver measurable – and sustainable – business benefits now and in the future.

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PCI® in 3 simple steps

1. Learn

We offer learning to suit your needs. Choose either online learning or a blended (mix of face-to-face and online) approach. Our interactive e-learning modules use action learning, so you’ll be applying leading-edge techniques, skills and tools from day one.

2. Apply

You'll receive access to everything to successfully initiate, plan, execute and track change, from practical tools and recommend actions to integrated change planners, detailed guidance notes, benchmark data, workflows and project integration roadmaps.

3. Support

Ongoing PCI® application support, ‘safety-net’ coaching, advanced skills and certifications to validate and embed new learning ensure a continuing competitive advantage for your organisation.